Thursday, 21 July 2011

Welcome to our blog!

Here it is, our brand new blog, up and running just in time for the Summer break LOL!  After lots of planning, talking and eating cake, we've got ourselves organised enough to share what we'll be working on week by week (ish, there's always room for spontaneity!), and space on the internet to share that with others too!  We all come from different craft backgrounds and have a variety of interests but we're all always up for a challenge or learning something new.

Back in May, Nicola challenged the group to make a collage using only recycled materials.  She collected a roof tile, thick gloopy PVA, Polyfilla,sandpaper, slate, tissue paper, broken pots, stones, string, crushed china, an old road atlas.    This is Chris' piece and you can read more about the morning on her blog, Pearshaped Crafting.   

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  1. Woo!woo! Lets get moving! Well Done and Thanks Sarah!