Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Yesterday we were in a blooming mood ....and we made loads of flowers! There were only four of us and we all got into our task -  at times there was silence as we all concentrated on making our blooms!
 Nicola using her favourite cosmic shimmer paint
                   Sarah concentrating cutting out
           Sarah with paintbrush poised
 See, not a word being spoken, don't think they even notice me and my camera he!he!
Okay, so using a shiny background was a really bad idea but don't you think our flowers look good! Sarah helped out by showing the proper way to make a Hels flower - well she had had the advantage of being taught by the lovely Hels herself how to make one!!
We have plans for using them - so watch this space!

I didn't realise it was so long since I posted on this blog!Hope I can make up for lost time!

If you reading this and you live in the Sale area and would like to spend some time with a group of very nice crafters come along to St Mary's on Moss Lane on Tuesday morning(10 o'clock)

Take care, Chrisx